The Real Estate Institute of the Victoria (REIV) and the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania (REIT) are proud to host the 2019 Australasian Auctioneering Championships in Melbourne

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The Australasian Real Estate Institutes’ Auctioneering Championships is an annual event conducted jointly by the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) representing the most skilled auctioneers that Australia and New Zealand have to offer.

The inaugural Auctioneering Championships were first held in 1991 between the Real Estate Institutes of Tasmania and Victoria to provide an opportunity to showcase their best auctioneers. In 1993, the concept was then adopted by the Real Estate Institute of South Australia and held every two years. As time went on all other states and territories also adopted the concept whereby subsequently in 2005 all the state/territory Real Estate Institutes (REIs) and REINZ adopted the concept and the Championships become an annual event becoming the most prestigious event on the Australasian auctioneering calendar.

Each state and territory Real Estate Institute and the REINZ arrange and hold their individual competitions to determine their best two auctioneers who then go on to compete in the Australasian Real Estate Institutes’ Auctioneering Championships.

The annual event is rotated around the different states and territories of Australia with New Zealand hosting the event every four years.

The 2018 Australasian Real Estate Institutes' Auctioneering Championships were hosted by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand in Auckland from 14-16 October 2018 and after a tight competition Andrew North of New Zealand was awarded Australasia's best auctioneer for 2018.

Andrew North

Photo supplied by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.


This is the second time Andrew North has taken home the title having won the Championships in 2014.  He was a well deserving winner who demonstrated he is highly skilled in the craft of auctioneering.

Tribute was also paid to the finalists, Bronte Manuel representing South Australia, Mitch Peereboom representing Queensland, Alec Brown representing the Australian Capital Territory and John Bowring also representing New Zealand.



Past Winners of the prestigious Australasian Real Estate Institutes’ Auctioneering Championship

2018 Andrew North New Zealand
2017 Justin Nickerson Queensland
2016 Justin Nickerson Queensland
2015 Harry Li Victoria
2014 Andrew North New Zealand
2013 Daniel Coulson New Zealand
2012 Daniel Coulson New Zealand
2011 Mark Sumich New Zealand
2010 Jason Andrew Queensland
2009 Phil McGoldrick New Zealand
2008 Mark Sumich New Zealand
2007 Mark Sumich New Zealand
2006 Scott Kennedy-Green New South Wales
2005 Justin Long Victoria
2003 Peter Kakos Victoria
2001 Michael McCarthy Victoria
1999 John McGrath New South Wales
1997 Peter Hawkins Victoria
1995 Peter Batrouney Victoria
1993 Michael Brock South Australia

Should any auctioneer in any state or territory or New Zealand be interested in participating please contact, in the first instance, your state or territory Real Estate Institute and note you must be a financial member of the participating Real Estate Institute.